34th International Conference of Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI) 2020

19 to 21 March 2020

MAX Atria @ Singapore EXPO

Terms & Conditions for Attendees

  1. A.  Room Reservations
  1. A1. All room reservations are to be made online via URL: http://adi2020.sha.sg/.
  3. A2. Each room reservation has to be accompanied by a full payment. Room reservations are only secured after payments are made.
  5. A3. All online room reservations will be filled subject to availability on a first-come-first-served basis.
  7. A4. For Group Reservations (eg: 5 or more rooms), please contact the SHA secretariat via email: sereneong@sha.org.sg .
  9. A5. All dates indicated are based on Singapore Time Zone.
  11. A6. All room rates are subject to 10% Service Charge & 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST).
  1. B.  Payment of Charges
  1. B1. Full payment shall be made in Singapore Dollars (SGD) by using credit card.
  3. B2. All Attendees shall be responsible for payment of their own Hotel and other related expenses.
  1. C.  Penalty Charges
  1. C1. Room reservations may be cancelled or changed without penalty, before or on 31 January 2020.
  3. C2. After 31 January 2020, the Hotel shall have the right to impose on the Attendee the following penalty charges per Room (inclusive of prevailing service charge and taxes):
  4. Incident Penalty Charge
    a. Date change resulting in a reduction in room nights if made after 31 January 2020 but before 20 February 2020 50% of total payment on the number of nights reduced
    b. Date change resulting in a reduction in room nights made on or after 20 February 2020 Full payment
    c. Cancellation made after 31 January 2020 but before 20 February 2020 50% of Full payment
    d. Cancellation made on or after 20 February 2020 Full payment
    e. No-show Full payment
  1. C3. Date changes without reduction in number of room nights are allowed with no penalty charge, subject to availability of rooms and approval from hotel.
  3. C4. Name change (eg: substitution of persons) is allowed with no penalty charge if there is no reduction in number of room nights.
  5. C5. All requests for change or cancellation must be made in writing to the Housing Bureau via email: sereneong@sha.org.sg.
  7. C6. All dates indicated are based on Singapore Time Zone.
  1. D.  No-Shows and Late Cancellations
  1. D1. If Attendees do not take up their respective reserved Rooms by the first night of their reservation period, the reserved Rooms will, nevertheless, continue to be reserved at their expense until check-out date of their initial booking.
  3. D2. In the event that Attendee arrives later than the date indicated, there will be no refund to the full payment made on the initial booking.
  1. E.   Indemnification
  1. E1. The Attendee agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless SHA, their subsidiaries and other affiliates, and their partners, payment service providers and other applicable third parties from and against any liability, damage or loss including legal fees and expenses that are incurred or suffered as a result of (i) any breach or non-compliance by Attendee of any law or any term of these Terms and Conditions, (ii) any action, inaction or omission by Attendee, or (iii) any dispute or litigation caused by Attendee's actions, inactions or omissions.
  3. E2. Attendee is at all times bound by the local laws and regulations. SHA cannot be held liable in case a Hotel refuses to check in the Attendee or he/she is asked to leave for legal or regulatory reasons.
  1. F.   Force Majeure
  1. F1. The failure of any party to comply with the terms and conditions of this set of Terms and Conditions due to an act of God, strike, war, fire, riot, civil unrest, hurricane, earthquake or other natural disasters, acts of public enemies, or for any reason beyond the reasonable control of such party, shall not be deemed a breach of this set of Terms and Conditions.
  3. F2. These General Terms and Conditions come into force on 1 October 2019.

Contact information for Official Housing Bureau

Serene Ong

Tel: +65 6415 3586

Email: sereneong@sha.org.sg